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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November 25, 2013 - Hey hey heyyy

Family. Friends. How ya doin'? I'm good. Haha. I'm in a really weird mood. Haha. This is CRazY. Missions are carrrazzzyyy. So many things!!!
Facebook. We are doing facebook now. Whatthe. And we are using our own. I-Pads. We are also using I-pads. Those should come in a couple of weeks. Mas informacion on that later. We finally get to go to the temple on the 4th. Our new rule is temple trip once a year. AHH. I went once like my first week. And this will most likely be my last time going until I am home. I am so sad about that! The temple is my favorite place on earth...
Oh well...
Life is good. It's hard. I'm happy, and really, very, very blessed. But I don't think anyone understands how hard this is. Hermana Villalobos were venting about this the other day. This is the hardest thing we have ever done. Yes we have the Lord with us, and angels, and the prayers of all of you. But this is the work of eternity. If the whole glory and purpose of the Father is to bring to pass the eternal life and salvation of man, than that is also Satan's focus. I am learning that the adversary works in near the exact same way as the Father, he just has the opposite intentions. And so, my point is this; it's a battle we're in. All of us. This is not just a hoodee hoo "mish" experience. The greatest triumphs and blessings come from the most difficult of circumstances and challenges. Well, a mission brings those beautiful blessings. But not without us passing through that second half.
We met a man Saturday night. I will call him Joe. It was freezing and nobody would listen that night. It was almost time to go home. But good thing we didn't. Because Joe was behind that door! He is a single father and doing such a good job. He is obviously worn out, just lost his job, and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. His children were the dearest things I had ever seen in my life. They are 7 and 3 :) Anyways, we really connected with this guy, and he accepted the invitation to come to church the next morning. That doesn't happen. Ok so next morning we are about late because our investigators weren't home, and we were calling, and yada yada. We got to church, went to sit on the stand because we were speaking, and during the opening hymn we were feeling pretty discouraged. A lot of people agreed to come to church that week, and we made arrangements for them. Looking around the congregation we didn't see any of them. But we did see Eric. In the third row with his kids in their Sunday best. That feeling. It makes everything we do all week more than worth it. Because it really is always about the one. You will do a million things in a week for dozens of people. And it all usually falls through for everyone but the one. And that is everything in the end. He was really interested and though we had to go to the Spanish class, the Elders said he was super attentive and interested, and was fascinated by the 3 Kingdoms of Glory. He read the scriptures, and even asked, "Where can I get one of these books?" Yeah. Joe is awesome.
Anyways, I know that this is the work of the Lord, and this is what He cares about. He cares about us. And I know that it is personal. Not about us as a whole. He does this work for every single child individually. I love Him.
Hermana Patton

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