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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 2, 2013

Hey hey hey!!
I have like two minutes. So sorry. We played tennis for way to long! caps lock WE PLAYED TENNIS. I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE. NO ONE EVER LETS ME PLAY TENNIS. We have played soccer and scatter ball for the past 8 months. And everyone thinks I am a party pooper because I sit in the corner and play the guitar or write letters. Which is fine, yeah I'm a loser whatever. But it's realty only because we never play the sports I love. And yes, I convinced everyone to play tennis this week. A member owns it so they let us play free. I was in HEAVVENNN. YAYYYY. Haha. I reigned triumphant! Nobody knew how to play though, so it was interesting. Anyways, and we got to golf. Real golf. Golf is expensive. FREE. Played for free. And the senior missionary, Elder Warren was a pro-golfer. And he is teaching me. No big deal. L:ife is GOOD. Which is nice because last week was the pits. Really it was the WORST. But we are out of it now, and we are happy, and life is good. It's super cold here. Like it will get below 20 this week. NOOOooonoOOOO. Oh well. It just makes people feel bad for us and let us in. Who wouldn't want that??
Sorry I won't write e-mails directly after playing tennis for 3 hours anymore. I have way too much adrenaline and endorphins I can't focus my thoughts or say anything significant. I just love tennnnissss!!!!
Thanksgiving was great! We spent it with a few different families. 
Love you!
Hermana Patton

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