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Sunday, December 29, 2013

December 23,2013 - To those whom I love so dearly,

Heavenly Father is with each one of us. He provides specific people here on earth, but He also comes personally. He is a God of delegation, but He does His own work. We are His work and His glory, and He will always love us.
The Savior has given us the Atonement. And He is willing to freely bless each of us with forgiveness, joy, and eternal life with our Father. Whether we come later or not than others, is of no matter to Him. He knows our hearts, and will bless us fully for each step we take with Him. (Matthew 20:1-16)
When you are the "ninety and nine", offer your assistance and attention to those the Savior would care for. And when you are the "one", He will take you in His care. (Luke 15:2-7)
I believe in Christ. I know that He lives. He came to those on the American continent, and there was a record kept. That record is the Book of Mormon. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of the Lord, and translated, by the power of the Lord, the ancient record of the Book of Mormon.
He walks with us. He IS peace. He brings mercy. He brings eternal life. He is my Savior and Redeemer. I know that He lives, and loves us.
This is my testimony of Him, and I write these words in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Hermana Zoe Aundrea Patton

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