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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 9, 2013 - Ello!

Baah, I don't have that much time again because I was just tracking down a Puerto Rican. Haha yeah nothing came of it. But I tried! Jaime. He has lived here since the 1940's, and he stopped us to ask for directions, but we obviously couldn't help/were 1 minute away from losing the computer time, so we referred him to the librarian, but I felt like a jerk/Hispanics are few and far in between/he came to US, so as he made his way to leave, I ran up from the computer and ran after this little old man, yell-whispering, "Jaime...JAIME!" Haha, he didn't respond, so I tried, "Amigo!" haha. Anyways, this all taking place in a quiet library made everything a little bit more awkward. But, I have come to know that, that is all missionary work really is: a lot of really uncomfortable things. It's good though.
Most interesting experience of the week: Jack. Jack is a dog. A Jack Russell. And he is so cute. So we knocked on this lady's door, tell her who we are...yeah she shuts it. So we move on, but she opens the door again and apologizes, telling us that it's been a really hard day; that her manager is going to evict her if she doesn't get rid of her dog. He was such a sweet little thing, and this woman was older, with diabetes and other health problems. She obviously was not social and would have a very hard time finding a place for the pup, and this woman's well-being was at stake. So like vomit, I said, "We'll take care of it." Oops. Haha. So we went to the Nativity Festival where Hermana Villalobos was to play Mary, and then picked up Jack before we went home for the night. Washed him, made a little bed. We live with a member, and we called her of course to make sure it was okay if we temporarily housed him until we found a home. So right now, he's just chillin.
Life is pretty good. No piece of cake, but I'm alive, healthy, got a puppy for Christmas; my life's dream. So I can't really ask for a lot more.
Love and more love,

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