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Sunday, May 5, 2013

May 1, 2013 - More beautiful every day

To those I love,
I will never get over the MTC. I am truly obsessed with being a missionary. I just got out of the temple, they switched my P-day to Wednesday. I have a lot of...feelings right now. Haha, so this should be a good one. At least for me.
Everything that happens in this place is inspired. If you're are doing what you are supposed to be doing, and where you are supposed to be, there is no such thing as a wrong step. The seemingly tiny movements in your day later surface as a small miracle. I want to tell you things that have been miracles to me.
The first one that comes to mind, is Hermana Hawkins. She is in my zone, and is also my roomate along with all of our companions. From day one, I thought she was just amazing. Her love goes deep, and her service and compassion are comparable to Mother Theresa. On the first day, I found out that my companion's boyfriend had just returned from serving in the Carlsbad CA English speaking mission...Riley's. Haha. Then Hermana Hawkins tells overhears, and tells us that she lives in that mission. Last night we were in tears over the thought of saying goodbye next week, as they head off to Argentina. This morning, I receive a picture of Hermana Hawkins' mission plaque from Elder Strong. As we sat on the ground talking before bed one night, my companion sees a box peeking out from Hermana Hawkins bed that is from Shaina, the very girl that Brandon (my companion's boyfriend) taught and baptized. And also Hermana Hawkins' best friend. It may not seem important, but it is. I have never been so aware of how connected we all are. And it so very obvious that we are meant 100%, to be in each other's lives. Instances such as that one happen almost daily. And I am more aware now, of the importance of suffering so that you can understand people, and weep with them during their trials. Hermana Villabos is going through what I went through right before I left. It was awful, but I think of the Lord's mercy; that he had one of us go through it first, so that the other could strengthen and understand. My other companion, Hermana Robison found out last night that her sister, and dearest friend in the world, eloped last night with an ex-boyfriend. I don't need to explain the feelings you can imagine she felt. She was devastated. And not something that is super common. But I realized that I could for once, offer more than empty words. Because I had been in her position, not once, but twice. It makes pain more worth it, when you know that someday you will do more than console will understand them, and their heartache. I hope this doesn't sound like I am speaking of myself, for I understand more clear each day, that all opportunites, as well as any love and empathy I exercise is not me, but a gift from God.
We are all here in each other's lives for very specific reasons. Sometimes, we are shown early on, why that person is in our path. Other times, we must be patient to see the purpose.
Everything we do affects not only our future generations that come after us, but our ancestors that came before. I know what my mission is once I am released from this one. We are all connected. There are two pedigree charts. One that shows the complete line of family, from generation to generation. And the other is a direct line from us, to Heavenly Father. We are each His children. Brothers and sisters of the same Heavenly Father. Elder Boyd K. Packer's son shared that with us last night in Tuesday Devotional.
The space between heaven and earth is so much smaller than I ever thought it was. We are all connected.
Hermana Zoe A. Patton

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