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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 7, 2013 - Well I love ya dangit.

It's confusing to feel this happy when some of the darkest days of life just passed yesterday. But they're over. And what I realized is this: (just now while writing this)...
The darkness was encompassing and completely engulfing me. Dimmer and dimmer the light got, as I slipped out of reality. I was gone. For three days, I sat in the dark, having escaped warmth and comfort of soul. I was here, in body, but it was as if there was nothing inside of me. Like I was watching my own life, but not taking part in it. The prophet's voice, on the morning of the third day, is what softened my heart enough to hear the voice of the Spirit, resucitating me back to life. As he spoke of his angel wife Frances, I saw a much broader perspective and path. And now the curtains have been place back, the light has filtered into every crevice of my spirit. The prophet's voice, and your voices, brought me out of a very dark state.
"People like you, save people like me. And I love you for that."
 Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
 But I claim those words as my own to each of you.
Sometimes, the light is not as bright as the sun. That is when we must walk in the light of the sparks we have kindled. You, and the fire of a testimony, are many of my sparks. I think of you as the sparks that I have kindled, that carry me through the dark until the morning comes.
I love you very much,
Hermana Patton

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