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Monday, October 21, 2013

October 14, 2013 - Am I Laman or am I Lemuel, because I sure ain't Nephi.

Well family and dearly beloved,
Thanks to an UNCLE KURT and my companion Hermana Scow, I have realized once again something that I love to do: not share anything personal or close to me with anyone except the chosen few haha. Hermana Scow doesn't care, because she isn't a conversationalist in any regard, and I've been forcing myself to share personal things with her. She does't respond haha. Hahaha I really love her. But yeah, this is definitely a quality that puts a strain on all of my relationships, including my e-mailing realtionship with you! Can we all agree that it is time for me to share personal experiences, and stop being so vague and mysterious?? Okay cool.
Personal experience #1:
Oh gosh I hate this already.
Okay I don't know how to do this, can we start gradually maybe? Read some how-to books or something? Alright.
Mostly I just feel like my daily life would not be interesting for other people to read about. And I was raised to not speak unless you have something of worth to say. I don't really know how to determine what is of worth.
Elizabeth. Elizabeth's sister is being taught by a set of Spanish Elders, and her other sister's family is being taught by, us. There are 7 sisters. Elizabeth has a truly beautiful soul. She does it alone. Works all day to give her children a home and food, and receives no gratitude or help in return. She told us that she just cries and cries, and then wipes herself off, goes on with life, and then wakes up the next morning and does it all over again. All I could stand to talk to her about was the Atonement. But that is all I ever really want to talk about. Because if everyone just understood that, there would be no need for anything else.
Anyways, so the story is this: I was on exchanges with another hermana, and Hermana Scow and I had been trying to contact Elizabeth for days, (she is a referral from her sister). So Hermana Clanton and I tried it out. Basically, every road block you come across with your investigator is removed on exchanges. Exchanges. I love exchanges! So we go over, of course she is home, and she was going to shoo us off, but we sweet talked our way into the door. Like usual. Wendy, I know you hate that I am so awfully persistent, but it has been of more value to me on my mission than almost any other quality. So, she invites us to be seated. The three of us gather at the table. I ask her if her husband bought those flowers for her. She shakes her head and quietly says no and looks down. I start telling her about her sister, Griselda, and if she knew about her upcoming baptism. She says no. And then I ask about her sister Alma. She doesn't want to talk about Alma. So I ask her, "What has passed between you and Alma?" And then the tears flow. She tells me that their mother was dying, and was staying here in her home as she took care of her, with the help of Griselda. Griselda is the only one who would help take care of their dying mother. And when her mom said, "Elizabeth, call your sisters. I want to say goodbye.", Alma never came. Alma lives 5 minutes away. And so, Elizabeth repeated the phrase, "-my heart is hard towards heart is hard towards her." Well I don't blame her. Elizabeth is the oldest, and her father is a broke drunk, and so since she was 8, her mother worked, and Elizabeth took care of all her little sisters. She told me she doesn't even like to leave the house anymore. She said, "I dont' know what has happened to me." She desperately needs the Atonement, as do each and every one of us.
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland taught us that, that is all missionary work is; it is providing for the Atonement.
Was that a better e-mail? Worse? Who knows, but thanks for your love and prayers. They are felt every day.
Hermana Patton

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