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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 15, 2013

I AM TRAINING. It's pretty great :) I received Hermana Peterson on Wednesday, and would have told you sooner, except they didn't tell me until Monday afternoon. Typically, you will get a call from the President asking you to train the weekend before transfers. And typically you will have been out several months before this takes place. BUT since this is a brand new mission, and there are so many missionaries coming out, I was asked to train Hermana Peterson, 21, waiting for her visa to Argentina. She is fabulous, and we will indeed be friends for a long time. She is always willing to work hard, and be positive, and we just have a good time. It's not a pain to be 100% obedient when you absoultely the person you are doing it with. We don't even notice the rules. We just work hard, pray constantly, enjoy the work, and being with each other, and we're happy! And seeing so many miracles! We have put three people on date since she arrived, and we are hoping her visa gets delayed indefinitely. I love her to death. We are living in a member's home, the Bonewells, and we are in love with them! I have been dying to have dogs, and they have three! It's so fun. Vancouver is the most beautiful place, and I feel so lucky to be in the beautiful half of the mission. The Kennewick side is just farmland. It is beautiful too...but it looks just like Spanish Fork.
We now have 12 missionaries in the branch hahahaa. Travis, Elder HOBBINS is our district leader! HAHA he loves you. We now have our very own Spanish Zone which is super fun; it's us and Portland. It is incredible to have 12 missionaries in the branch! It is only a sign to me that there are SO MANY people in Vancouver that are ready for this :D The people, the branch members. This place is going to erupt. With 12 of us, we fail if it doesn't! We are so excited!
I have never learned more in my time as a missionary than I have since I have started training. They literally do everything you do...and that is more than enough motivation for me to be an even better missionary than what I think my best is. It's a blessing and a privilege, and this is the just the best. Training is the best. I have to rely on the Lord 100%, whereas I used to rely on my trainer and the Lord, about equal parts. But now it's just the Lord. And I am the one she turns and looks at if ..not ime, love you

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