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Thursday, April 25, 2013

April 25, 2013 - Week 2

Hola familia y amigos,
the MTC is the greatest place ever, until I get to WA, I'm sure. There could potentially be a lot to complain about, but why? What good does that do anyone?? So I just love it. My teachers are about the greatest people ever. They are both in their early 20's , and have more love for missionary work, and us, than I have ever seen in human beings. But they are taking them away from us! This is the first time they have ever switched out teachers in the middle of your stay, and of course it was to MY district. It's just so sad, because they are the parental figure, that give you the shoulder to cry on, they have personal meetings with you to see how you are doing, they are the people along with the Spirit, who teach you how to be a missionary, and how to grow, and  how to love. They are teachers for so much more than the MTC.
It has been incredible to feel such an abundance of love for the people you teach. Though I do not know them, Heavenly Father has blessed me with ways to love them in a very deep and filling way. I can't even imagine how it is going to be in WA. I'm not having any issues with adjusting to the rules. I get a song stuck in my head a few times every day, but slowly the hymns are working their way into my brain. I don't mean to make it sound like I have it easy over here, or that the MTC is is hard too. But the good is just so heavy on the scale that the bad practically just gets bungeed(?) off. Haha bungeed is definitely not a word. I miss google.
One out of the many learning experiences that I would like to share:
After a lesson that did not go so well, we had a SERIOUS companionship inventory. Before we did, one of the teachers gave us feed-back. She told us among other great things, that our ability to love, as women, is a gift, and to let that love be the drive behind everything you do as a missionary. And that our (as companions), weaknesses are each other's weaknesses, and our strengths are each other's strengths. After that, Her.Villalobos, and Her. Robison and I went outside to talk. We prayed that our discussion would be completely open and honest, but that we would be blessed with the Spirit so that nothing was said out of anger, or with the intent to hurt. And we had the most amazing talk. It completely changed our outlook on each other. It was then that I realized like a lightning bolt, how missionary life prepares you to have meaningful relationships with others, and how to lift up those around you, instead of rising to the top alone. Because we have to completely listen to each other, and consider the other's feelings, and there can not be any contention or bad feelings among you, or else the Spirit will not guide your lesson completely. And having a companion is extremely humbling, because even if I am on time and ready to means nothing if my comp. is not. Things like that happen often, and because you can never leave them, you are forced to grow with them. I am so gosh dang stubborn and free-willed, that in normal life, I just leave people in the dust, and say, "I don't care if you're taking too long, or if you want to go do this or that, I could get there 75% faster, if I go by myself." That is one of my biggest issues. I am completely comvinced that I can do everything by myself. And with a comp. by my side at all times, I can NOT do anything by myself haha. I have to slow down for others. I have to listen to someone other than myself. I have to go places I don't want to go, I have to submit to what someone else wants sometimes. It's been good for me. Really good. I'm learning how to be at one with another. And I'm learning the law of consecration verrry quickly, because just as Hermana Platt said, "Your strengths are their strenghths, and their weaknesses are your weaknesses." And vice versa. I have trained myself so well at doing everything by myself, and now I am learning how to ...not. All things are common among us, and we either all fall, or we all rise.
I sincerely love you all, and I thank you a million times over for writing and e-mailing me, and for the packages. I feel strength from your prayers. I know God blesses those that bless the missionaries.
All my love and then some,
Hermana Patton

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